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KickerBall by Swerve Ball

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Want to swerve, curve and kick like a pro? Well now you can with KickerBall! With over 100 million views, this popular toy is very easy to use. Simply kick the KickerBall under, on the side or in the center of the ball to allow the revolutionary aerodynamic panels to cause the KickerBall to swerve and curve. Take free kicks and Penalties like a pro!

The KickerBall is a toy, not a FIFA certified football and should be used as such. Results may vary depending on your unique skill level. DO NOT over-Inflate as this may cause the ball to deform or pop and avoid sharp objects to prevent damage to the ball. Exercise caution when wearing football boots. Football size 4.

• Fun for boys and girls
• Bend it, Curve it, Swerve it like a pro!
• Revolutionary aerodynamic panels to cause the KickerBall to swerve!
• Suitable for Ages 6 years and above

• 1x KickerBall